Voip Street Inc: Customer Reviews, Business Detail, And Many More

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Location: ???, Buffalo, NY 13028, (716) 362-7061.

Accredited: This business is not Akizaku Accredited.

Rating: A (Length of time business has been operating.

Customer Reviews: 1 Star.

Business Details: Opened: 9/11/2016.

Business Categories: Telemarketing Services.

Voip Street Inc: Customer Reviews, Business Detail, And Many More
Voip Street Inc: Customer Reviews, Business Detail, And Many More

Reviews Voip Street Inc

Sandra R:

“This company keeps calling me saying this is the final call offering medicare discounts on braces.

They say if I do not respond to their call Medicare with withdraw their approval.

This is a threat I will not cave into. I am on the do not call list and they still keep calling. BBB says this company has no rating with them.”

G B.

“Although on a do not call list this company continues to harass me with calls. I have an elderly husband who is quite ill and these calls often wake him.

It is bordering on harassment. Recent calls: Feb 3 8:54 PM Feb 3 7:07 PM Feb 1 7:16 PM Jan 31 5:55 PM Jan 30 6:34 PM Jan 27 12:26 PM The company apparently does not respect the law.”

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About VoIP Street

At VoIPstreet we have been at the center of the growing VoIP scene for over a decade and we possess the experience, extensive network and dedicated staff to bring your business to the next level.

We aggregate services from the nation’s largest telecommunications providers to give you the low rates and network footprint you need to be competitive in the VoIP industry.

We offer both origination and termination coverage to nearly all of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with an ever-expanding footprint.

Pioneering the early days of the industry, we have been at the forefront of VoIP development.

Our staff brings over 20 years of telecommunications experience to the table and we have quickly grown our network to world-class status with thousands of POPs and DIDs.

VoIP Street has both stability and a proven track record of consistent growth. Our focus is on VoIP technology and no one does it better than we do.

We are one of the original VoIP service providers (link to home page), and we’ve grown into a company that offers one of the largest networks in the country.

Our clients include residential, SOHO (small office home office), SMB (small business) and enterprise markets. We offer clear, carrier-grade call quality and multi-homed connectivity.

The VoIPstreet services we’ve created have flexible and easily customized packages to suit your needs, regardless of its size.

Our service is available without a contract and with no monthly minimums. We have transparent, straightforward pricing and billing so your bill will not confuse you!

With over 8,500 rate centers and millions of minutes per month in traffic, we are the reliable VoIP services solution for you.

Our team is comprised of a devoted staff, offering support 24/7 via phone, email and online ticketing system.

Our goal at VoIPstreet is to simplify and automate the purchasing of VoIP technology to ensure that your service is delivered quickly and successfully to save you time and make you succeed in the VoIP industry.


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