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Sale Case IPhone 5 – The case became one of the important things for smartphone users. Some people are using the case to protect their favorite smartphone from the risks of scratched, scuffed due to bumps or falls and beautify the look of their smartphone.

The more choice, the more types of smartphones also complement accessories, including variations of the case. A selection of custom case is even making some smartphone users get confused to choose which.

Any tips before you choose a custom case suitable for smartphones, you must make sure you know about the variety and differences in case.

This is the difference hardcase and softcase:

1. Material manufacture

As the name implies, hardcase is a hard case and generally made of polycarbonate that scored with a sublime technique. While the softcase made from soft and elastic like rubber, tpu printed with uv printer (generally softcase transparent/clear case).




2. Quality of materials

Hardcase is able to provide protection from the collision of smartphones. The nature of a hardcase absorb heat also making smartphones you don’t fast heat.

Not only that, the texture of hard bahanya and display hardcase also somewhat shiny. This is indeed one of the materials suitable for you who want to change the appearance of the smartphone you so much more sturdy and elegant. But this type of case is vulnerable once cracked and broke when it tumbles to the floor.

Softcase, this material is indeed the most most people due to reasons of protection higher than the level of hardcase, necessarily ascertained extraordinary thickness.

Softcase certainly made from a soft coated fabric or leather, making it resistant to softcase crunch or when you fall to the floor.

The material is also not slick and comfortable when gripped. But, quick easy softcase dirty and difficult to be cleaned as well as not being able to absorb heat well.

3. Price comparison

The price of this $12 hardcase (guaranteed quality) and $10 (guaranteed quality) to softcase. In the choose the type of case, should you consider in advance the quality and the material that you are considering the price.

How do now already know the different types of case suitable for smartphones? That’s the difference hardcase and softcase as well as a variety of other case types that you can set as material considerations when choosing a case.

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The advantages of using the services of creation of our hp casing:

❥ Can use your photos, friends, girlfriend or family
❥ Can use your own design
❥ Designs can be used in all types of hp
❥ The ingredients gently when gripped
❥ Quality printing which is nice so it’s not easy to exfoliate
❥ Shipping from Jakarta, Indonesia
❥ Payment via Wire Transfer / Paypal / Webmoney / Neteller / Skrill / Bitcoin

Goods other than hardcase and softcase:

  • Flip Cover $15
    flip cover iphone-can design front rear 2 pictures
    -can add a name in the middle of the Middle
  • Softcase Anti Crack $11Softcase Anti Crack Iphone
    -Made of soft silicone material, so that it could put a damper on the collision on the mobile when it crashed/bumps.
    -Case is also designed specifically for the keempat2 angle, to me-niminalisir hp touchscreen sensitivity pd damage when a fall.
    -Design is very comfortable when held
    -Case designed to protect your smartphone from abrasions/denturan a result of the fall/clash
    -Very light Case Design

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